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The Inner Warriors Model puts psychology in the hands of its end users.
Psychology is, today, at the stage that computers were back to MS DOS age. At that time, only computer experts knew how to deal with system settings.
Nowadays, almost everyone can configure their own computers/tablets/smartphones and technicians are only needed when some malfunction occurs or when needs are very complex.
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What would your first reaction be?
Then look inside you and ask why.


Sometimes I ask “what do you want to change in the way you do things?” and I get answers like “I want to learn …. and I’ll take a course on …… and there’s this book on ……. that I bought and I need to read…”. In the end, there’s no place for real insight and no place for action. 😦


A single fact can be perceived and described in as many ways as the number of observers you have. As a result, more than one reality, you have an infinity of perceptions and subjective realities.
When we consider the weight of our emotions on our judgements we conclude that, even believing that there is an objective reality, that reality disappears behind our individual perceptions (no matter how distorted and biased they are).
This awareness is extremely important for those who manage teams or organizations. What is true for us may not be true to the others. I see many managers taking decisions without this concern. And when I question them I often get answer like “that’s the way IT IS and they have to understand it” or “explain what? isn’t that obvious?”.
Well… It is not. And even if it is obvious, it’s more prudent to assume that it isn’t.



Some humbleness can be in fact arrogance.
It’s not unusual to show humbleness somehow ostensively. Well, ostensiveness is everything but humble.
It’s also frequent to be demanding on the conditions we put to be humble. Well, being humble and demanding just don’t go together.
True and genuine humbleness is a silent gratitude for the fact that life is constantly providing us with signs of what we may improve in our Human condition.
It doesn’t really matter if the information we need for our growth comes from a napkin laid on the floor or from the disloyalty of a colleague.
The most important is to be aware to the signs (that are many) and make the best out of them.


Sometimes all the help we want is to keep disfunction at bearable levels.

To put an absolute end to disfunction involves changes in the relationship dynamics that are so big that can’t possibly be unilateral.
So, because true change is so frightening, managers/employers look for solutions that only change those that are giving them a hard time and those, in reality, are less then a half solution for the problems.


The company owners say that they got shocked with the lack of sensibility of this worker – “He should be aware of our difficulties now! Is that possible that in times like these he only thinks of himself?!”.
The worker doesn’t accept the lack of sensibility of his employers – “I’ve been doing everything under my possibilities to help this company survive! Can’t they see that we are still operating thanks to my many extra miles?!”.
Communication has these things. 😦




The conflict between these two forces is not this evident in our daily lives. It doesn’t mean it’s not present in all our choices, even the smallest.

This is just an example that illustrates our deepest dilemma in a very clear way. It’s not a choice between Good and Evil or between the little angel and the little demon floating over our shoulders. It’s a conflict between our fears and our will of being Great. It’s the difference between following a path that makes us prisioners of a lie and the path that frees us through the truth.

And it must be an internal decision because external pressures can make us even more confused.

We need to be conscious of these forces just as much as we need the water we drink everyday.

Can you imagine an organization where people make their decisions in a fully conscious way? Even the wrong ones? Without the need of lying or rationalizing just to make peace with their consciousness? Do you think it’s impossible?



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