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The Inner Warriors Model puts psychology in the hands of its end users.
Psychology is, today, at the stage that computers were back to MS DOS age. At that time, only computer experts knew how to deal with system settings.
Nowadays, almost everyone can configure their own computers/tablets/smartphones and technicians are only needed when some malfunction occurs or when needs are very complex.
So, if you want to know how Inner Warriors face the challenge of psychological democratization, follow them on
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What would your first reaction be?
Then look inside you and ask why.




The conflict between these two forces is not this evident in our daily lives. It doesn’t mean it’s not present in all our choices, even the smallest.

This is just an example that illustrates our deepest dilemma in a very clear way. It’s not a choice between Good and Evil or between the little angel and the little demon floating over our shoulders. It’s a conflict between our fears and our will of being Great. It’s the difference between following a path that makes us prisioners of a lie and the path that frees us through the truth.

And it must be an internal decision because external pressures can make us even more confused.

We need to be conscious of these forces just as much as we need the water we drink everyday.

Can you imagine an organization where people make their decisions in a fully conscious way? Even the wrong ones? Without the need of lying or rationalizing just to make peace with their consciousness? Do you think it’s impossible?



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